VoxEdit Showcase

These VoxEdit are the works of the Kratist team
that won and received awards.

3rd place

Sweet Fruit Fairy

VoxEdit Contest : Pandonian Fairies

She’s a fairy who protects the fruit and the forest.
“I will eat all the fruits Oops!! I’ll protect all the fruits of the forest.”

4th place

Agent monkey

OnChainMonkey VoxEdit Contest

He’s an agent of Metaverse.
Please abide by the rules.
Otherwise, Agent Monkey and his Drone will find and arrest you.

4th place

Raijin (Thunder God)
The Rainiverse VoxEdit Contest

Raijin is a god of lightning, thunder in Japanese mythology and the Shinto religion.

5th place

Spider Queen Arachne
The Rainiverse VoxEdit Contest

Be careful not to let her see you.
Spider webs will surround and arrest you. You can’t escape from her.

7th place

Dunk tank bunny

Playboy VoxEdit Contest

A dunk tank, also known as a dunking booth or dunking machine,
is an attraction mainly found at fairs, fundraisers, and parties.

7th place

Pain inside

“Plurality in Voxel” VoxEdit Contest

Not to be different from others.
I had to choose to wear a mask.

But I had to throw away myself and my heart. T-T

8th place

Puffer Ball

Hot Air Balloon VoxEdit Contest

Little puffer(?) inflated.
Bring the sea to the sky. \(^v^)/

Top 10

Play Rhythmic Gymnastics

Round 21 The Sandbox VoxEdit Contest: SAND Play

Is there anything more charming and beautiful than gymnastics?

1st place

Survivor old man

Monochrome NPC design challange

8th place



Happy Halloween, come to get the free bananas. HAHAHA

10th place

Baby’s era

Sandstorm Builders Contest #13 : “THE OVERLOARD”

The time for the adults is over.
Both this world and the universe we will rule.

10th place

Good Rest

SANDSTORM X IMMERSED Time for a break!!

Good rest is having coffee on my favorite furniture in the relaxation room I like.

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