Our Team

Our History

In 2014 – Kratist was founded as a group for friends to make art.
The goal is to make games, cartoons, and animations.
In the meantime. We work as office workers in a company that makes games and animation.

In 2018 – After that, we left the company. Start our business.
The main goal remains the same making 2d and 3d art.

In 2021 – We started studying and understanding NFT cryptocurrency.
Our team sees the opportunity to develop work in the modern world.

Currently – Kritist has started investing and building projects on NFT and Metaverse.
In many ways developing work according to our aptitude.
The main path that our team chooses is TheSandbox.
(But there are other additional channels as well.)
The final goal is to build a community and the Kratist metaverse.




Game Producer

10+ years in the animation & gaming industry


3d Modeler

8+ years exp in 3d artist.



5+ years as a designer and concept artist.



Voxel Artist.
New member of the team.