No No No!! Mommy

Tower GJ – No No No!! Mommy

1st place – TOWER Game Jam

Build a baby’s fortress. Mommy might bring vegetables to cook.
Prevent the Veggies from reaching the mommy.

There are 3 types of babies— a total of 9 styles. And all 10 Veggies.
Clear all 5 levels, defeat Veggies to avoid eating vegetables.

We developed this experience on version 0.06.
The current version has some problems making the game unplayable.

Kratist team is very sorry.
We are developing a new game for everyone to try.

Baby information

Hammer toy Baby

Basic baby warriors

Smilingly Baby

Powerful damage
Attack slow

Hula Hoop Baby

Attack fast
Low damage

Baby bottle Baby

Basic ranged attack
Can attack flying Veggies

Slingshot Baby

Longest attack range
Low damage
Can attack flying Veggies

Magic staff Baby

Superpower attack
Attack very slow
Can attack flying Veggies

Brick toy Baby

Summon brick toy
Deal damage when stepping on the toy
Can’t attack

Tablet Baby

Summon Hologram boy
Decoy Veggies to attack it
Has a cooldown time
Can’t attack

Doll Baby

Summon Rabbit dool
HP regeneration Mommy
Can’t attack

Veggies information








Spring onion