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You can play these games in the Game Maker in the drafts gallery.

GMAE GJ – VoxEditContest

TSB organizes a particular event VoxEditContest in the Metaverse. Creators like you must join and win the competition.

PORORO GAME JAM — Help the theme park

Players will play as employees who come to work on their first day as the mascot of the amusement park, but the park has been hit by a storm that damaged many parts. Pororo’s gang will also come to the amusement park today. The children cannot be disappointed. You have to solve the problem to get the amusement park back to work.

VoxoDeus GJ — VoxoDeus War 

The Robits forces have invaded us once again. You are the chosen one to use the power of the gods VoxoDeus. You can summon a random heroic spirit to join the war. All heroes are divided into 5 classes, totaling 20 characters.

DFC — Dash Fried Chicken 

DFC is Dash Fried Chicken.
I intend to make a game inspired by Diner Dash. It’s a simple casual game to kill time. The player will be a restaurant employee. The required amount of food must be served before the time runs out.
For NFT, speed equipment will make the game easier.

Alpha Season 2 GAME JAM
The Metaverse Guardian

I have a plan to make a game the player will be involved in the construction of various things in the city. Such as buildings, houses, upgrade to be strong, and use to fight against the enemies that invade the Metaverse. In the theme of “The Metaverse Guardian” Players must collect items. including secret ingredients along with fighting with enemies. Characters are based on each player’s avatar. Like the alpha test 1. And players with NFT will make the game easier to play (e.g. weapon, Armor with good stats).

Game Jam Beast Quest
 Bombyx The death silk

The game is based on the Beast Quest-themed work about taking out a beast.